The instantaneous language of beauty

We use the pre-verbal language of asethetics to sense our environment before we can think. As much as we repel from danger, we're drawn to seamless, cohesive symmetry. In other words, we seek beauty.


A short story about noticing that my son's treasure collecting is what I'm still drawn to do now.

Practice boredom

Before you can generate new insights, you have to wander. How does one perform this wandering thing? Start by aimlessly doing nothing. In other words, practice boredom.

Aphorisms for remembering how to see

The creative process starts with learning how to see, then by collecting what you find. How do we remember our ways of seeing without losing the nuanced understanding we learned? Said another way, what are some variations of the "optimise for interesting" aphorism?

Rules for record collecting, or how to cure your wunderkammer

My desert island discs aren't the same as yours. And they sure aren't what googlefacify tell us. To repeatedly discover music that blows your mind, you have to be begin by being an unfashionable hoarder.

Wander, wonder, wunder — a way to maximise for interestingness

The creative process requires a fascination that naturally draws you into an enjoyable flow state. How do we discover and cultivate these fascinations?

John Boyd's bloody-mindedness

Creativity may also demand another type of creative fuel—extreme disagreement, or bloody-mindedness. John Boyd's character is the perfect example.

Creativity starts with love and theft

Making something new doesn't happen by magic. An irresistible itch has to be scratched, love has to be found. And when it comes to actually starting, the easiest spark is theft. An accidental essay about the missing triggers in the creative process, inspired by my years of collecting strange and rare Black American Soul music.

The art of taking offence — a Sembl

My wife was offended when I ended yesterday's post with the mention of excrement hue. That immediately reminded me of two quotes I'd seen recently. So I made a "sembl" of them.

Blogging is a scenius thing

I seemed to have started this blog by writing about why I've started a blog. To continue the theme, I write about why blogging is a scenius thing.

Writing without worry

How do you allow yourself to cultivate a habit? How does one just be curious without worrying about turning shit into gold? Define gold anyway? The surest method to cultivating a writing habit is to be OK writing “curious shit” in an oblique manners.

Hello, habit

On how I will stop being "goal perfect" to the point of writing paralysis and instead aim for a daily habit of writing by blogging. Keep drafting until I get somewhere. I'll make it a writing habit, not a writing goal.