Hi, I’m Callum. I’m drawn to wonder. I use this blog as a practice space to reassemble the “things inbetween” that resonate with me. Often I won’t understand the reasons why they resonate until I write, draw or play around with them.

I’m a designer by trade. I focus on digital design, working fluidly across visual design, user experience, and code. You can read more about the services I provide at Callum Flack Design.

I learned to code websites in 2010 so that I could gain more design control. This unexpectedly changed the way I viewed the world and transformed me into a constant learner. I view this blog an extension of my learning.

I’ve lived in and worked in London, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, all for five years or more. Since 2015, my wife, our young family and I have lived in Cairns, Australia.

In my spare time, I collect vinyl records from every diaspora of recorded music. Finding the uncommon on forgotten records is a lesson in noticing wonder that I take with me everywhere. I used to do a series of annual soul 45 mixes called The Way I See It, which a few collectors have been kind about.

My current operating maxim is: optimise for interesting.

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